Hi, my name is Michael and I am located in the Green Mountains of Central Vermont and have a love for the outdoors and wildlife.

I am an avid outdoors man, hunter, and father. After years of exploring the wild of New England, I have acquired a keen sense of what wildlife likes to eat.

Now, after years of perfecting my hobby and helping my peers, friends, and family, I would like to share my knowledge and passion of wildlife. I wanted to act on this passion by offering my knowledge and assisting others in creating and managing food plots on their land.

Over the past years I have developed techniques for growing food that attracts wildlife and have brought it to the market for everyone to enjoy.

What I offer on my website is seed products that will produce food for many types of wild game. I have decided to start with eleven basic types of seeds that are great for getting the most out of your efforts in creating your own food plots. Currently we carry Alfalfa, Brassica, Brassica & Radish Mix, Buckwheat, BRT Buck Stopper,  Doe's Inn Clover Mix, Clover & Chicory Mix, Fatal Feast Soybeans, Pumpkin Seeds, Sugar Beets, and Winter Peas & Radish Mix.

Though I sell my products throughout the USA, I will also be offering my services here in the New England area.
Lime and fertilizer sales will be available in Vermont for local delivery / pick-up, and consultation appointments to assist in the many aspects of food plots and wild game land management, or at a sportsman show in your area. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and I hope you enjoy the products offered here.

Michael Farnham
More Wildlife
18 Cedar St.
Barre VT, 05641




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