Soil Testing

​​Plot Construction and Maintenance

 The best way to get the best results from the start is to do a proper soil test.

Take your own test

Please click on this link to get to the UVM lab site for multiple sample forms. From there,  click on link to forms, then scroll down and click on the desired form. (For food plots click on Forage and Grain Crops Soil Test Submission Form and print). Additional codes are found under Nutrient Management Guidelines under Nutrient Recommendations For Wildlife Food Plots in Vermont. Please follow instructions on their website for payment and shipment of sample.

I'm available for advice after you receive results if you are using More Wildlife seed.

Tests done by More Wildlife

Soil tests are $15 / test and $75 / hr. plus fuel (.67/mile). Copy of soil tests will be provided to you upon request and I will be available for advice.

If you buy More Wildlife seed i will offer free advice with or without soil tests but I will offer detailed advice based on results from the soil tests.

Example - If you tell me what size the plot is, I can give a basic idea of how many bags of lime and fertilizer that you may need. If soil test is done I can give an exact amount of lime and fertilizer that you will need to maximize your results.

$75 / hr. labor rate includes loading materials for job. Added fuel cost, (.67/mile).

$75 / hr. man and large machine (1 hr. min. labor charge) disking, lime spreading, and tilling, plus fuel.

$75 / hr. man and small machine (1 hr. min. labor charge) dragging, fertilizing, rolling, seeding, soil testing, weed-killing, plus fuel.

Services Provided :

Soil Testing
Lime and fertilizer application
Tilling and rock removal
Weed control ( Certified Applicator)
Rolling and planting
Mowing and brush hogging