Services Available

I am often asked questions about food plots for wildlife and how to prepare, determine the supplies / nutients I will need, and how to manage the plot afterwards.

Let me give you advice on areas that can help you financially.

I have over 30 years experience building and maintaining food plots.

Escavation - For road construction and ponds, ditches and culvert installation, stump and rock removal.

Consultation - I use time tested standards that work using my basic principles and guidelines. Consultation is $75 / hr. plus fuel (.67/mile).

Logging - Your sold timber can be used for escavation and food plot construction as a way to reduce costs.

Food Plots - From start to finish, soil testing, lime, weed control, tilling, fertilization, planting, and mowing.

If you purchase More Wildlife seeds, I can travel locally for advice.

To do it right the first time can potentially save you money, time, and aggrevation.

Contact me for more information.......